Islands were a bad idea for today.

So… I said I might ride around Camano or Mercer Islands today… And then I woke up, staggered downstairs, and contemplated the ominously dark clouds outside and my very tired legs. (The latter having, I think, less to do with Zoo Hill, and more to do with teaching hinges to my modern dance students yesterday. I knew better than to do that. But as previously discussed, I’m an idiot.)

So the islands plan was ditched. Instead, I relaxed, read the paper, and enjoyed my coffee.

Then I put my bike clothes on and got out the door for a gentle two hour ride up and down a few of Seattle’s hills. The ominous clouds were gone, replaced by blue sky and those cute fluffy white clouds, but I still thought it the better part of valor to stay close to home.

It’s actually really fun riding through Seattle neighborhoods, especially this time of year. Things are in bloom, some streets are arched by a canopy of trees while others open up gorgeous vistas, people are out working on their houses, buildings are getting built or torn down. There’s a lot of neat stuff to look at.

So, 26.1 miles later (taking about the same amount of time as would a world-class marathoner–though they generally don’t have to stop for stoplights and such) I got home just as the sky started looking dark again. I hope the predicted thunderstorms and rain start soon, so that I can feel really smug about the timing of my ride.

Still not bored of good views from my bike

Still not bored of good views from my bike


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