Goals for the week of 6/16

If you read my goals post from last week, you’ll note that I’m supposed to be doing a big ride with Ian or something today. (And though I didn’t say it, I was thinking that Monday would be a rest day). But… Ian had stuff going on keeping him from doing a bigger ride, and the first-thing-in-the-morning ride that we planned instead ended up not happening. The alarm went off at 6AM, we listened to the cars splashing on the wet roads outside, and cancelled. Going back to sleep, warm and dry, was awesome…

So instead, I’m having a quiet day at home, resting and taking care of a number of household chores that I had meant to do tomorrow. Because…

No more rest day tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll go around Vashon Island. That should provide some hills and challenges, making the scenery even better for having been earned.

Tuesday I “have” to go to the 12:40 baseball game, so I need to do something that packs a lot into a little. Yup, Zoo Hill again. Sigh.

Wednesday I have to go over to Bainbridge for an evening rehearsal, so it’s the Chilly Hilly commute (though I could do something like bike part or all of the way to Port Townsend. And back. Hmmm…)

I don’t know yet what to do Thursday and Friday. One option would be an easy spin on Thursday, and a big ride on Friday (Camano Island, maybe?). Or the other way around, because I need energy on the weekend for work.

Saturday and Sunday will be bike-lite, as I have to teach and be at dress rehearsals for my students, something that will require a fair amount of physical and mental energy. Hence thinking maybe I should suck it up on Thursday and take what will be pretty tired legs on a big bike ride. After all, part of what I’m training for is to be able to get back on the bike after several days of difficult riding. But then again, I might be better getting a little rest and recovery on Thursday, then going all-out on Friday.


So folks, this is why I’m writing this blog, this is what I need your help with–feel free to send me heckling messages here or on FB or email to keep me from wimping out on the week!

(As for the Father’s Day part of today’s plans… Father’s Day has be relocated to a different date, and will be celebrated by my dad making me dinner. Because yup, I’m that fabulous of a daughter.)


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