Owwie Hilly

Well. My legs are certainly feeling the last couple days. I did the Chilly Hilly route to work again today, and my legs were just empty. Rather than fight it, I decided to work on keeping my pedaling cadence high, no matter into how low a gear I needed to shift, no matter how slowly I might end up going. And the beautiful thing about my bike computer–when I have the display set to show my cadence, I don’t see my speed at all, so I can pretend I’m going as fast as I want to think I’m going…

So–drumroll please–the giant TBD for tomorrow and Friday? The verdict is tomorrow I’m resting these poor puppies. And Friday I’ll do some sort of spiffy and challenging ride before working all weekend. But I think some quality couch time with my legs elevated is calling my name tomorrow.

In other news… We got an email from Elaine (Andy Hampsten’s wife, helps him run the tour business) with a list of suggested items to pack. The trip planning is underway! (Well, for me it’s been underway for a while, because I’m neurotic like that, but now it’s really officially people-in-charge-bugging-us underway!  I totally got a little wave of adrenaline when I opened her email…)

Heckling welcome for Friday–let me know just how spiffy and challenging of a ride you think I should do 🙂




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