Goals for the week of 6/23

This week is going to be a pretty modest week, biking-wise. My students on Bainbridge Island are performing all week, so I’m over there a fair amount teaching warm-up classes and attending performances. It’s a great week, but one that takes a lot of energy, especially mental energy.

So other than biking to work and back (and maybe a little around-the-island biking), we’ll call this a recovery week. Or something.

Still, I should be able to get a bit of a ride in on Thursday afternoon, and Friday is also looking good for riding. So what to do?

Thursday might be another good day to do a Sights of Seattle day.

Friday, if the weather is nice, could be a good day for Camano Island. Or if I wake up and really don’t want to get into the car, I could go around Mercer Island a couple times, perhaps getting there via the south end of Lake Washington. Note to self: the Leschi Starbucks is closed in the afternoons for remodeling.

Then on Sunday, I think I’ve talked Ian into going out and doing Squak Mountain with me. Because nothing boosts one’s morale like struggling up a difficult hill, and watching someone else disappear into the distance with ease.

And, since I feel like this has been a boring post, a kitten:



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