What do I think about?

One of my students asked me “what do you think about when you’re riding?” I think my reply started with “Uhhh…” What do I think about–I often have hours to do it. So, here’s a sample of my thoughts from today’s ride around Camano Island.

Pebble, pebble, broken glass, pebble, roadkill, pebble. Man this shoulder sucks.

Chip seal. I hate chip seal.

A bald eagle! Those things are big!

Asphalt… Ahhhhh, smooth, beautiful asphalt…

C’mon, you can pedal faster than that.

I love coasting.

Is that a heron? Those things are really really big!

Wow, look right, Mt Rainier, look left, Mt. Baker.

I hate chip seal.

This ride is flatter than I remember.

Look, flowers!

Oof, bump, watch where you’re going.

Headwind. That had better still be there to be my tailwind when I turn up ahead.


Is there a pickup truck convention in town or something?

Cute yellow bird!

Ewww, big roadkill.

At any rate, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful ride. I had done this route once before as part of the Winter Training Series hosted by the Seattle International Randonneurs (aka the crazy people Ian got mixed up with who do super-long-distance rides). Back in January, the ride start was delayed by an hour in hopes that the temperature would come up enough to melt the ice and frost on the road. Today’s 70’s and sunshine was a nice contrast.

Also, back in January, there was a pea-soup fog over the island until we were about 15 miles in. Today I saw the north end of Camano for the first time. Turns out there are woods and fields and horses and an air strip and all sorts of stuff. Who knew?!?

Because I didn’t feel like stopping, I took no photos. So here’s a photo of a sign in Wenatchee that I found entertaining.





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