Recovery time

It’s July. That means we leave for Italy NEXT MONTH. NEXT MONTH?!?!?!? Cue waves of adrenaline and freak out excitement/panic attack. NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I’m calm enough to type again… Yesterday I did hill repeats on Squak Mountain as promised. 3.5 of them. Why 3.5? Well, I decided 20 miles was a nice round number to aim for, and it was really nice the fourth time up the hill to turn around halfway.

I’m still debating with myself as to whether I wimped out by not going all the way to the top the fourth time, but still, 20 miles and over 3,500 feet of elevation gain is pretty good. For comparison, my 50 mile ride around Camano had less elevation gain.

As promised, today was easy riding, just a 9 mile meander to Trader Joe’s. Turns out that doing 3,500 feet of elevation in just 20 miles can leave one with sore legs the next day… More of the same tomorrow, before the mountain adventure on Saturday.

Saturday also marks the beginning of the Tour de France. Yay! In general I love watching people who are really good at what they do. Every time the summer Olympics roll around, I watch thinking the runners thinking “wow, they make that look so awesome–I want to start training and do a marathon too!” Then I go for a run, and remember that I hate running. I just get fascinated by people who are good at running.

Anyway, pro cyclists are so out of this world amazing–their strength, speed, bike-handling skills, and ability to push themselves to their limits boggles my mind. And it does so even more since I started biking, as I have a very hazy, dim, far-removed idea of what it takes to do what they do. Plus, I learn a lot by just watching their bicycling technique. Which is to say, I’m excited about getting to watch the pro’s for the next three weeks.

The start of the Tour also marks the start of the Tenth of the Tour, basically a challenge to ride every day that the Tour is happening. Though the daily distances aren’t onerous, the challenge is in the consistency. I did this last year, and am looking forward to doing it again, earning another Tenth of the Tour t-shirt! And yeah, it’s a good training opportunity that made me a lot stronger last year and all, but who am I trying to kid–it’s all about the swag.

No ride photos, but since the World Cup and the Tour are overlapping, I thought I could piss a bunch of people off by posting this:



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