Up and down morning on the bike

I mean the title of this post figuratively–but literally too. Get it?!? Ha ha, aren’t I clever. Or something…

Anyway, I got on the bike at 8AM with the intent to ride over to Issaquah, do Squak Mountain, then Zoo Hill, then come home, maybe with some looping of Mercer Island thrown in. Climby! Ambitious! Did you catch that I got going at 8AM–on a Saturday?

I started riding, and pretty quickly was wondering what happened to all that training benefit I supposedly got from STP. I just was not feeling it. My legs seemed heavy and slow, and knowing I had some climbing ahead, I said “oh well” and shifted into easier and easier gears.

About 15 miles in to my ride I had a sudden realization that I could remember getting my phone/cash/cards together, but could not remember putting them in my pocket. I felt my pocket, and sure enough, empty. The first thought that came to mind was “oh dear, if something happens to me, not having my ID will really delay identification of the body and notification of next of kin.” Seriously. Then I thought “and so much for my plan of stopping partway through for coffee and a snack.”

So between my legs, and the lack of anything to buy something with or call for help with, I decided the better part of valor would be to do just Zoo Hill, then the direct route home. So I huffed and puffed my way up Zoo, tucked my tail between my tired legs, and pointed my bike homewards.

It was starting to warm up, so I finally pulled my wind vest all the way off and stuck it in my conveniently empty pocket–and what is this? It’s my phone/cards/cash… They were with me the whole time. Now I have tired legs AND feel like an idiot.

On the bright side, that meant I could stop for coffee!

Once home, I took a look at my guaranteed-to-be-depressing ride stats, and to my confusion, found that I had personal best times on a ton of the ride, including Zoo Hill… It was the oddest mismatch of perception and reality that I’ve had on the bike for a while, but I’ll take it!

So, 50 miles, 4,300 feet of elevation gain, some chocolate milk, chips and guacamole later, it’s time to watch today’s stage of the Tour de France, and enjoy other people making their way painfully up a hill…


One thought on “Up and down morning on the bike

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