Goals for the week of 8/4

I finished off last week strong: yesterday we drove out to Port Angeles and did the Ride the Hurricane event. As much fun as I had biking up Hurricane Ridge a couple weeks ago, it didn’t even compare to getting to do the ride with no cars. It was also nice to have someone to drive back with afterwards and talk about how great the ride was.

And now for this week… I continue to have real life intrude with work and some house projects. Also, as amazing as rides on Rainier and Hurricane Ridge are, they are a full-day commitment of travel and energy. I think that this week I’d like to do some rides that I don’t have to drive to.

So, this week’s goals, which are imprecise and a little underwhelming:

Monday and Tuesday, house stuff.

Wednesday, work stuff and a daytime baseball game, but I can at least bike to the work stuff and game, and perhaps do some scenic route wandering to and from.

Thursday, work stuff in the AM, but then I think I’ll either bike to and around Mercer Island, or maybe Bainbridge Island.

Friday, either a bigger ride, or take dance class in the morning and a smaller ride.

Saturday, a decent ride should be possible–hopefully Ian and I can get out for a ride together, so we’ll just have to see what we’re interested in.

Sunday, ditto.

That’s all folks, time to get to work!


2 thoughts on “Goals for the week of 8/4

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