Lost week, training fail :(

Sigh. Well, I’m here to report that, aside from a few miles doing errands by bike on Wednesday and today, it’s been an epic week of not riding my bike.

I’m blaming Operation Cover Myself In Paint, an endeavor which also resulted in the front and back porches being repainted. On that front, I can at least claim success.

But the prep work for painting, the painting, the clean up, etc, all took more time and energy than I had scheduled for. I started on Monday with the back porch, and finished up yesterday with the second coat on the front porch. (Though I’m still giving it another day before taking down the “wet paint” sign and walking on the front porch. When buying the paint, the guy at the store said “24 hours between coats.” To which I said “so what you’re saying is that I shouldn’t do the front and back porches on the same day…”)

While I finished painting yesterday, Ian went off on a brutal training ride. That’s ok, I rationalized to myself–he was about to go out of town for work, and meanwhile I could do big rides on Sunday and Monday.

So I got up really early for a Sunday morning, took Ian to the airport, came home, and… Didn’t immediately change into cycling clothes. Whoops. I was just really tired, and thought that resting for a bit would make it easier to get out there.

I was starting to think about venturing out, and on my way upstairs to change, opened the front door to look out at the shiny new porch. And one by one, four earwigs  fell from the door to the floor at my feet. My bare feet.

I. Really. Really. Really. Hate. Earwigs.

I eventually took care of them all, but that torpedoed my remaining initiative. I can take a hint from the universe–this was not my day for enjoying the great outdoors and the wonders of nature. This was a day to hunker down in fortress mode.

So I got back into bed, and finished reading a library book that’s due today. Now I’m going to very cautiously venture outside (and try not to get ambushed by anything creepy-crawly) and return it.

Tomorrow’s another day, right?


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