Dolomites 2015, Day 7

So far, we had been lucky in the weather–sun and warmth predominated, with only a couple rain drops. Today’s forecast was different–cold and wet.

There was much discussion over breakfast about whether to ride, where to, and when. A lot of people made the sensible decision to have a relaxed warm day inside and recover from their strenuous efforts of the previous day.

But Andy’s always up for a ride, so while the sensible people stayed home, the rest of us gathered for a late-starting easy, casual ride. No mountain passes.

We headed down the river valley from Badia (we had worked so hard to ascend it the previous day… All that work for naught!) and turned off at Pidro to head towards La Val.

Then we started heading up the valley walls. And I mean walls! It really is astonishing the places some people built towns. The road would switchback between buildings that were practically completely underground on the uphill side, and above ground level on the downhill side. Gradients in the teens were the new normal.

I took no photos this day, so borrowed this from Cinghiale's facebook page.

I took no photos, so borrowed this from Cinghiale’s facebook page. Richard and Gianone (mid-conversation) are leading the charge up the hill! Gianone is probably mis-pronouncing some Italian…

We biked for a while, though not very far, until we ran out of pavement. The guide Richard, whose neighborhood this was, also does a lot of mountain biking, and said there were great rides up here on the dirt paths, that took you all over the valley. He seemed a bit disappointed at our lame road bikes that weren’t going to venture further.

I believed him that the additional riding was fabulous, though I’ll admit to being a wee bit relieved that I could blame it on my lame road bike that I couldn’t do any more hard riding at that point…

The foolhardy few!

The foolhardy few!

It was the shortest day of the trip, but in the cold and damp (despite the dire weather forecast, there never was a sustained downpour–just general dampness), and after the Passo delle Erbe, it felt like we were being pretty intrepid and hardcore to be out on our bikes at all. It was a fun day!

Just 15.5 miles and 2,300'

Just 15.5 miles and 2,300′


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