Some to-do rides this summer

It’s neat to look at last year’s to-do rides, and think about how many I actually did, and how much fun I had in the process.

Some things to add for this year:

Up to Artist Point on Mt. Baker (Done!)

STP, for the fifth time!


Tenth of the Tour–travel plans might make this difficult, but I’m going to give it a go.

Hurricane Ridge, and if I have the legs for it, I’ll do Ride The Hurricane, when it’s closed to cars–this will be three days after RAMROD, so we’ll see…

And some of the other stuff, done and undone from last year’s list.

To-do rides 2014:

So the main goal is to ride regularly, on challenging routes, and rack up the miles. I have some regular routes, plus random Just Riding Around (JRA) with which I can accomplish that. But for fun, I also have a few events and/or special rides.

They include:

STP, for the fourth time! (Done!)

Volunteering at RAMROD (since I didn’t get in this year), and the day before, doing a RAMROD-ish ride. (Done!)

Doing the Tenth of the Tour again–this was fun last year, and a good strength-builder too. The consistent riding, day-after-day, is one of the things that I’ll need for the Dolomites tour. (Done!)

Riding around Camano Island (Done!)

Ditto Vashon Island (Done!)

Up Hurricane Ridge–if I’m feeling peppy, I could try starting from Port Townsend. Or I could be sensible, and start from Port Angeles. (Done! From Port Angeles. Twice!)

Around Whidbey Island. Perhaps on this route(Still to-do…)

Up the Mountain Loop Highway from Granite Falls. (Still to-do…)

Something on the North Cascades Highway. (Still to-do…)

Hill repeats on Zoo Hill. Because I hate myself. (Done… Ugh.)


3 thoughts on “Some to-do rides this summer

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