Week done…and next week?

This week was bittersweet. My students on Bainbridge Island had their end-of-year performances, and they did some fabulous work. That part was pretty sweet. And it made me want to be in the studio with them, building on the progress they’ve made. Instead, I had to say goodbye to the graduating seniors, and send the rest of them off on summer break. That’s a bit bitter.

But then again, I’m on summer break!

Amidst the whirlwind of performances, Ian dragged me around on the bike both Saturday morning and this morning–tootling around Bainbridge Island yesterday, then Squak Mountain as promised for today. And as promised, he disappeared off into the distance on Squak Mountain. (And frequently on Bainbridge too). I love being right.

But now, down to business–time to commit to what I’m going to do this week. In writing. And I’m feeling indecisive. Sigh.

So let’s be sensible about this, and go in non-chronological order:

Saturday, the Big Kahuna of the week. Ian and I are planning on going to Mt. Rainier and biking up to Sunrise and then up Chinook Pass. It’ll just be 50 miles or so, but two pretty significant up-a-mountain experiences. Wahoo!

If the print's too small to read, that's over 5,000 feet of elevation gain in less than 50 miles. This won't hurt at all, no siree...

If the print’s too small to read, that’s over 5,000 feet of elevation gain in less than 50 miles. This won’t hurt at all, no siree…

Tuesday, a rest day. I’ll be teaching in the morning, and in the afternoon, in pursuit of the all-important rest and hydration, might find myself sitting down with a beverage and watching USA vs. Belgium. Hey, training requires sacrifices.

Monday, the weather looks good, and I think going up to Camano Island could be pretty spectacular. That means getting in the car for a while, bleh, but I think the alternative is hill repeats up Squak or something similar. So yeah, Camano sounds pretty good.

Wednesday, I think that I’m stuck with hill repeats up Squak. Or to be a little wild and crazy, I could alternate Squak and Zoo a couple times.

That leaves Thursday and Friday, which will probably need to be days of easy, flat riding to keep my legs loose before the Big Kahuna.

So, I think that’s a wrap!

And really, if you’ve made it all the way through this post, which is basically me narcissistically talking to myself, you deserve a prize or something. No prizes here, but there is an awesome joke: “What did the snail say when he got on the turtle’s back?” “Wheeeeee!”

Now aren’t you glad you read all the way through!


And it starts… Goals week of 6/9

Go read “What is this?” for background. If you want to. You don’t have to.

This week’s goals are pretty modest, as I still have some dance stuff getting in the way of my bike training. Anyway.

Tuesday, I intend to ride the Chilly Hilly route on Bainbridge Island before I teach.

Wednesday, out to Issaquah for Zoo Hill. And then teaching modern at Cornish (that should be fun for the legs!)

Thursday seems like a good island day. If the weather is as iffy as the current forecast states, probably just Mercer Island. If it’s looking better, maybe I’ll drive up to Camano Island–the views are fabulous!

Friday, the last ballet class with Alex Dickson before she leaves for Columbus. Ballet and big biking on the same day are not happy things for the legs.

Saturday, just bike commuting to Bainbridge, perhaps taking the scenic way home.

Sunday… Well, Sunday *is* Father’s Day, but I might do a century with Ian and suggest an evening something or Father’s-Day-on-another-day. Because I’m that awesome of a daughter…