I haven’t been completely idle

So I’m sitting on my butt–*not cycling*–while trying to create a blog about how I need to be out cycling. Yes, I’m brilliant.

But my excuse today is that I’m still resting up from Saturday’s ride, the wonderful Apple Century out of Wenatchee. I could blather on for forever about how much I like this ride. In fact, I did so to such an extent that I talked my dad into doing it too. It was his longest ride since he did 2-day STP when I was a kid. And it’s not an easy century… But not only is he still talking to me, he loved the ride too!

Anyway, since a blog is a very visual medium, I naturally took no pictures during the ride. Yes, I’m brilliant. So you can either take my word for it that the ride is gorgeous, going through orchards, over rivers, into forests, etc, or you can Google Streetview it.

But here we are after the ride, cleaned up, refreshed, and smiling!

Smiling and happy after the fabulous Apple Century!

Smiling and happy after the fabulous Apple Century!