What is this?

This is now Me Bike Dolomites One Day, 2.0–after version 1.0’s success both keeping myself accountable in my bike training, and then having the time of my life riding in the Dolomites and Alps, I just sorta kept writing. It’s still a good way for me to publicly state goals, and it turns out I also like the process of spewing out some thoughts and anecdotes and photos from rides I’ve done.

The story of Me Bike Dolomites One Day, 1.0:

Biking the Italian Dolomites and Alps–hooray, I’m so excited!!!

Biking the Italian Dolomites and Alps–crap, what the hell was I thinking?!?

I have spent at least a couple years drooling over the tours that Andy Hampsten (first and only American winner of the Giro d’Italia) leads in Europe. While they all sound amazing, what would be more awesome than doing the big kahuna–riding the Passo Gavia with the man who became a cycling legend on that road? NOTHING! Nothing could be more awesome!

(Except perhaps for letting common sense reign, and spending some quality time on the couch with a good book…)

So over winter break, as Ian and I were looking at our schedules and plans for the year, I suggested doing the Dolomites and Alps tour, since I had been contemplating it for years, and it actually fit into our schedule. Ian, curse him, said “sure.” Before I could figure out how to back out, we were filling out the booking form and sending in our deposit.

I am both terrified and thrilled–this promises to be an amazing experience, and one that pushes my comfort zones in all sorts of ways. Expect personal growth. Sometimes I really hate personal growth.

Recent cycling experiences have started to give me some confidence that I can actually do this tour. But I also want to enjoy myself on this tour. And I don’t want to be completely wrecked by this tour. And, though I’m trying really hard to leave my ego out of this, I’ll admit that I don’t want to be the last person up the mountain *every* day on this tour.

So, my summer project is to ramp up my bike riding. And because the couch and book always beckon seductively, I’m adding a little public accountability to Project Me Bike Dolomites One Day (with apologies to David Sedaris…)

I intend to use this blog to post what I intend to do each week or so, and then to report back on what I actually did. Heckling and/or encouraging comments welcomed. Maybe.

And since you’ve made it this far, for your viewing pleasure, the inimitable Bob Roll talking about that day on the Gavia.


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